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Infection Control Champions

Devon Care Homes Collaborative are overjoyed to announce that Christine Perry (current RCN Foundation vice chair, previous chair of the Infection Control Nurses Association, previous Director of Nursing at Weston Area Health NHS Trust (2012) and Royal Cornwall Hospitals (2015) and member of numerous national advisory boards) has agreed to assist in the infection control champion programme

As we enter the peri vaccination phase of the global fight against corona virus it is imperative that front line teams feel supported by the wider community and system, through constant education to enable them to practice as safely as possible, and continue to protect lives.

Devon Care Homes Collaborative has recognised a need amongst front line staff for a formal champion network in order to support the education and systems made available by current Providers and Registered Managers. We have 120 champions registered on the first cohort from home across Devon, Plymouth and Torbay. We are extremely grateful to these three authorities for the financial support provided to this programme through the Infection Control Grant.

The programme runs from September 23rd onwards and initial findings from the pilot were presented at the Infection Prevention Society Conference on 29th June for peer review.

DCHC invite you to sign up for our Infection Control Champion Programme in collaboration with Devon CCG, starting September 23rd by Zoom.

Benefits of joining:

1. Creating a network of champions from Care homes in Devon provides a peer to peer support network to share best practice and improve the effectiveness of the champion role

2. This meets the recommendation in the Hygiene Code under Criteria 1

3. This programme will assist you to provide evidence for KLOE questions S5.1-5.4

4. Helps support learners to meet outcomes for Standard 15 of the Care Certificate

5. Provides an Infection control resource pack for your Home

6. Access the latest best practice from Infection Control experts supporting Health and Social care

Steps to join:

1. Care home provider / manager identifies one person from their team (two people for larger services over 50 beds)

2. The person signs up using this link: https://devoncarehomes.org/event-4404212

3. Devon Care Home Collaborative will jointly host with the CCG the following timetable of zoom sessions for champions to attend: Thursday 23rd September at 11am onwards, for 12 weeks 

4. During the programme the champion will receive a copy of the infection control policy, a champion system for them to complete with information about their service, and pre-written content for them to deliver back to colleagues

Closing date for signing up is Thursday 9th September.

This initiative is to ensure that we capture learning from all the hard work particularly this year, to implement change and also to be ready for whatever next winter has in store.

A well communicated infection control plan, and a team that are confident in the actions to take if an infection surfaces in the home can only be positive for the whole team.


It is apparent that the emergence of Covid and the experience of the impact will result in a change in the approach to infection control sector wide.

A reflection of the work that we have all been doing for the past year highlights that the key risk mitigating activities were simply the basics: good hand hygiene, enhanced cleaning, and safe use of PPE.

Devon Care Homes Collaborative came into being through the conversations we needed to have with each other to share ideas to keep people safe. It seems only right therefore to consolidate all of these conversations and frustrations into a proper system for members to benefit from should they wish.

Since the start of the pandemic there has been advice pouring into the sector from all agencies at national, regional and local level. At times this advice has been contradictory and in the main the advice has needed to be interpreted for operational purposes. This has resulted in some people finding it difficult to know what to do.

As we progress through the life cycle of the virus and we learn more about it, we can be firmer in our convictions around the strategies that work to limit the risk of Covid.

The wider infection control picture still remains. Influenza, Norovirus, C-diff, scabies to name a few.

The aim of this programme is to assist our members navigate the various regulatory requirements and guidance and implement operational systems in a timely way that are recognised county wide by system partners. Our aim eventually is to have one approach to infection control that is agreed by the Health, Social Care and Providers to avoid contradictory advice or approach.

Thankyou for taking the time to read this newsletter, we hope you will join this training initiative.

DCHC Infection Control Champion Training Sign-up link: https://devoncarehomes.org/event-4195960/Registration

Deadline to sign up is: 09/09/2021 

For more information please contact: sue@devoncarehomes.org

Future events:

DCHC Chef’s club: - quarterly event to share food and drink inspiration, best practice, budget and recipe ideas and nutrition expertise.

Networking opportunity: - Do you know another Home in Devon who would benefit

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