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We have dedicated this part of the DCHC website to our journey towards Net-Zero

You may know that Exeter has pledged to be net zero by 2030, Devon by 2050. Each business sector will, in turn, be encouraged to be actively greener in how they do business. It can seem over-whelming, particularly when we’ve had to deal with staffing shortages, pressures on finance on top of our day-to-day business of providing excellent care.

DCHC is going to be highlighting some simple tips and actions over the next 12 months to help. Greener can mean cost-savings and we all need these! 

We are featuring a top tip in our monthly newsletter and will add to this page should you miss it. We're starting with some small and, hopefully, easy wins. 


LED: Switch all your lightbulbs to LED ones. Switching your 100w incandescent light bulb can save you £9 per year for every bulb (you will also reduce your CO2 emissions by 5kg).  


  • Can you switch to greener products? CLH, one of our gold sponsors, has a commercial eco-friendly range from ‘TRECOS’. These come in concentrate form and could give you a cost-saving on your current range. They are more than happy to have a conversation around changing to greener alternatives. 
  • Another option is TOUCAN-ECO which is a clever system. It simply uses water, salt and a small electrical current to create a powerful multipurpose antibacterial disinfectant cleaner in 5mins. It can replace general disinfectant, all-purpose cleaners, kitchen and bathroom cleaners but is not a de-greaser or a deep cleaning product. There’s a minimal initial outlay, which will vary according the size of your home, but after that the cost is simply salt.  


Have you ever weighed your food waste?

  • When food is wasted, we also waste all the energy and resources that went into producing, processing, transporting, and cooking it. We also lose the money we’ve spent on the ingredients, the cooking of it and the staff time.
  • On top of this, if food waste then ends up in landfill, it generates even more emissions in the form of methane, a gas many times more harmful to the environment than carbon dioxide.  Simply reviewing your waste may highlight your menu isn’t quite right or quantities of cooking and portion management need a bit of attention.

Watch this space, there will be more tips added!

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