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Covid-19 Vaccination Resources


If you still have staff who have not been vaccinated or maybe have new starters during April please do take up the opportunity and protect yourself and others.

How staff can get the vaccine

A map of vaccination sites in Devon can be found here.

Second Vaccination Rollout

FAQ's March 2021 from DCC

 FAQ's and information for care home providers to prepare for the second doses of Covid-19 Vaccination.

Adverse events

Information for managers regarding recording adverse events after the Covid-19 vaccine

FAQ's for second dose

Frequently asked questions on second doses of the COVID-19 vaccinations from March 2021.


Vaccine Hesitancy Resources

Vaccine Confidence

A tool to help staff engage in a healthy conversation around vaccine confidence

The Covid-19 Vaccine Communication Handbook

A practical guide for improving vaccine communication and fighting misinformation

Covid-19 Vaccine Communication Toolkit - content summary

Government resources to encourage and reassure staff about having the Covid-19 vaccine

Covid-19 Vaccine - Is it the right choice for me?

A decision aiding tool looking at the options, benefits and side effects of the vaccine

British Fertility Society - Covid-19 Vaccine FAQ's

A document created in response to questions that patients have been asking about Covid-19 vaccines and fertility

Government Advice

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